Told you so

I called the first draft of this post, “Where are Grog’s blog posts?” To which I answered, “Good question. Keep reading for the embarrassing answer.” Now that rescue operations have recovered all of the missing, I have re-titled it to fit the lesson learned, by me, passively speaking.

My tale of woe is pretty simple. I woke up this morning to do some blog maintenance that Yahoo said I had to perform—it said I had to remove the insecure plugins wp-cache and wp-db-backup. So I complied. As soon as I did so, all of my posts went away. More importantly, I had failed to back up my site, because I assumed, so foolishly, that everything would be OK.

I recently told my son Jacob, “There are two kinds of people in the world: Those who have lost data, and those who are about to.” I like to lead by example.

Fortunately, I managed to salvage the essential bits from the WordPress cache, which I was able to restore from the Yahoo snapshot of just a few hours ago. I was able to restore my posts from those archives.

I have been duly spanked.